Signature Bliss:
Relaxing blend of Swedish, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi,
Reflexology, Myofacial

Therapeutic Bliss
Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, 
Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, Stretch, Thai, and Tense/Release come together to tackle sore, tense muscles and chronic issues  

Transformational Massage


Over the years as a licensed massage therapist, energetic healer and personal trainer, I have observed that most physical issues are in part created and maintained on the mental, emotional and karmic level. Often times these patterns have developed over lifetimes; steeped in history they become a central part of our reality, influencing how we perceive the world. However, when this history unravels, a path is created for the evolution and cohesion of your body, mind and spirit.


I weave together a blend of massage, energetics and intuitive skill to meet the core of these issues. I work on the multi-dimensional level, as I simultaneously address alignment, tension patterns and muscular imbalances. The level of freedom gained is not only more complete, but is integrated on all levels. In this way the clearing of patterns is deep, thorough and lasts. This transforms a way of being as well as a way of moving.

Clients bodies have been completely transformed, opened avenues for the next level in their journey and empowered them with clarity, focus, and a new sense of what they wish to express in the world.

Each session is allowed to unfold to serve the client's unique needs. They are provided a full session of massage (choice of therapeutic or relaxing), guidance as to what is occurring to bridge the client's consciousness into the issue, and energetic healing proportionate to what is appropriate for them. Intuitive Readings are also available as an add-on.

Thai Massage

Hate stretching but know you need it? 
Let us do it for you!

Passive stretching, pressure points and compressions are used to lengthen, limber
and revitalize your body.
Move with greater freedom and ease

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