Get the most out of your workout! Weed out any unsupportive habits and patterns that may be holding you back from achieving your best.  Then, learn how to create habits that will increase your ability to be lean and limber.

Bliss Fit sessions address muscular imbalances, promotes neutral alignment, and creates a strong foundation for all you have to do in your day. Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, needing to mix things up, or wanting to make the most of your current workout, Bliss Fit seeks to have you tap into your bodies full potential. Simple core, toning, and flexibility exercises are given to strengthen, lengthen and relax you while correcting non-supportive patterns.

You will move with greater efficiency, minimizing (and often times eliminating) pain, shift chronic issues, and reclaim energy lost to inefficient ways of coordinating muscles.

Integrative Kinetics are simple exercises designed to assist you in finding neutral for your body, and achieve effortless mobility. It incorporates core work, breath work, as well as learning how to make gravity work for you.
This work applies to
any and all movement you wish to experience more freedom in. Sessions start with basic activities and progress to advanced work such as incorporating this technique in your exercise routine, daily challenges, and/or sport activities.

Quick Tip: Core Action!

Super simple, effortless way to engage your core at any time! 

Easiest way to engage the transverse abs, a muscle that is part of your core, is to
exhale as if you are breathing out a straw. You should feel your muscles gathering around your lower lumbar.

Try doing this when

  • you bend over to
    pick something up, 
  • you feel stressed (it will engage the core, and disengage muscles that hold stress i.e. shoulders!)
  • feel pain in your hip flexors or back (engaging the core, can take the stress off of other overused muscles)
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