Veronique Redican is a Licensed Massage Therapist
with 700+ hrs training and 10 yrs experience in Massage and Bodywork.

10 yrs
experience as a Group fitness instructor and personal trainer

MASSAGE Modalities:
Deep Tissue, NMT, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stones, Aston Patterning, and Shiatsu, Sports and Thai Bodywork

500 hours
in training and 12 yrs experience as a
VortexHealing® Practitioner with over . She holds certifications in VortexHealing®, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Sacred Geometry.
® VortexHealing is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information visit their website at:
Veronique’s writing has been published in Time Out/NY, as well as authoring Lunar Living, a monthly metaphysical newsletter. With her 15 years of professional dance and fitness training and her deep understanding of body-mind connections, Veronique is uniquely positioned to uncover the blocks that keep us from wellness and assist you in removing them.
"The most important service you can provide a client is to awaken within them their own ability to heal and create whatever they wish. It is a privilege to work with clients toward this end."


I began investigating ways to stave off soreness, injury, and move with greater ease even amidst the constant state of muscle fatigue a dance career can create. Over the years I found a blend of movement, inertia, and energetics would unravel most if not all of my aches and pain and actually expanded my ability to move with freedom.

When I saw many of my clients come back with the same chronic issues over the years, I started to look for ways to bring this freedom to them through massage, energetics, and the acknowledgement that pain in the body is in on some level begun and maintained by stress (physical, mental and emotional).

Aura Picture 2013,

Halo of Golden Light: Represents God's Wisdom 

Bringing conscious awareness to a physical issue reveals all sources of the issue on all levels. The more training you have in working with the different levels the better able you are to pick up and interpret these signals.
I use my training to find as many sources on the various layers as I can and this creates a more thorough release. It also allows for the body to integrate the information more completely, which translates to lasting change.
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