The energy of pure love and divine intelligence flows through you to facilitate the journey. In each session you are connected with guides unique to you, and intuitive information is shared as it arises throughout the session, if the client desires.

The aim is to practically bring your emotional, physical, mental, karmic issues into direct accessible core healing.

There are many aspects to who we are as individuals; they are often not in harmony with one another. Through facing all the colors within, the dark and the light, we become accepting of ourselves, others, and our circumstances. Past and future concerns drift away, you are left in the present moment, where a multitude of possibilities avail itself to you for manifesting. Here true living begins.

As you align your choices and thoughts to that which is most important and intimate, your inner guidance deepens, and your intuition comes to life.

You begin to feel and move from a place of connection and wholeness which naturally leads to integration of the various parts of our human experience. From this place your true essence arises and is expressed.

Vortex Healing Energetic Therapy® is:
A multidimensional healing modality to free the body, mind and spirit. This deeply transformative work, creates awakening in your system to effect quick, thorough, long lasting results. From the genetic to the multi-dimensional, this modality uses divine consciousness to bridge your consciousness into the issue, while working with divine consciousness and divine energy to address your specific needs on all levels
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